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        SINCE 1984, A Professional Manufacturer Of Envelope And Paper Bag Production Equipment
        About Us

        Ruian Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. (Henghui Machinery is the company’s trademark) is supported by the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry, and is cooperating with the Beijing Institute of Printing Machinery and Zhejiang University. The progress and development of the paper window film industry is China's earliest and exclusive innovation in 12 years. Relying on excellent quality, strong technical force and material strength, it has continuously introduced outstanding quality envelopes and paper machinery and equipment, and it has become the first of its kind in contemporary China.

        The company's main products: ZF280B, ZF228, ZF490, ZF128, ZF120B and other automatic envelope paper bag machine series, TY31B, TJ280 paper window pasting machine series, complete specifications, excellent quality, and the annual output ranks in the industry It ranks first and is exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. The first of its kind in the industry.

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        • Tel:0086-577-65371618
        • FAX:0086-577-65352298
        • Add:No. 57, Chenzhaiwang Road, Tangxia Town, Ruian City
        Add:No. 57, Chenzhaiwang Road, Tangxia Town, Ruian Tel:0086-13957715871(WhatsApp, Wechat) 0086-18668760077
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